The Dirtchamber
A mixed reality testing environment for real-time global illumination algorithms
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NdcDirtchamber shared code
 Ccommon_rendererA common, simple deferred renderer
 Crsm_rendererA common_renderer also rendering an RSM
 NduneDirect3D helper library
 CaabbAn axis-aligned bounding-box
 Cassimp_meshA d3d_mesh created with the help of Assimp
 Cmesh_infoA helper struct to supply information about submeshes loaded by Assimp
 CvertexA vertex with all its attributes as loaded by Assimp
 CcameraA simple perspective camera
 CcbufferA wrapper for constant buffers
 Ccomposite_meshA mesh composed from other meshes
 Cd3d_meshMain D3D mesh interface class
 Cdeferred_rendererThe deferred renderer base class
 Cdelta_light_propagation_volumeA Delta Light Propagation Volume (DLPV)
 Cdelta_sparse_voxel_octreeA Delta Radiance Field of an SVO necessary for Delta Voxel Cone Tracing (DVCT)
 Cdetection_infoDetected pattern information block
 Cdifferential_directional_lightA differential directional light source
 Cdirectional_lightA simple directional light source with an RSM
 CexceptionException class
 CgbufferA geometry buffer (collection of render_target objects)
 Cgilga_meshDefault implementation of assimp_mesh (pun intended)
 Cgilga_vertexA gilga_vertex comes with position, normal, one texture coordinate and a tanget
 Cmesh_dataMesh data for CPU side useage
 Cmesh_data_psMesh constant buffer data uploaded to the pixel shader
 Cmesh_data_vsMesh constant buffer data uploaded to the vertex shader
 Ckinect_gbufferA GBuffer fed from a Kinect camera
 Clight_propagation_volumeA Light Propagation Volume
 CmeshBasic interface of a mesh
 CpatternA basic pattern
 CpostprocessorA base interface for a postprocessor pipeline
 Cprofile_queryA GPU profiler
 Crender_targetA render target wrapper
 Csampler_stateA wrapper class for a sampler state
 Csdk_meshA d3d_mesh created with the SDKMesh DXUT loader
 CserializerSeralizer to read/write Dune objects from/into JSON/XML
 Cshader_resourceA shader resource wrapper
 Csimple_meshA very simple mesh class with position-only vertex attributes
 Csparse_voxel_octreeA sparse voxel octree (SVO)
 CtextureWrapper for a Direct3D texture object
 Ctexture_cacheA texture cache
 CtrackerA simple pattern tracker written with OpenCV
 Cdrf_rendererA Delta Radiance Field renderer for augmented reality
 Cgi_rendererA full global illumination renderer
 CpppipeA default implementation of the postprocessor
 CskydomeA simple skydome mesh