Tobias Alexander Franke

A New Gaming Eco-system for Huawei

Tobias Alexander Franke Huawei GSTS 2022


Cloud-based gaming services have seen varying success in practice. Where-as multiplayer games feature a wide variety of aspects which are hosted remotely, most games today run exclusively on one device and require the customer to adapt to new hardware requirements in regular cycles, usually tied to the current console generation. Streaming-based gaming services have in contrast failed so far, underestimating technological challenges as well as selling to the wrong market. Edge computing architectures are designed to distribute computational tasks to other nodes in a network or cloud. Huawei’s involvement in the Open 3D Engine presents a unique opportunity to build a more resilient architecture for game engines that scale from one device to an arbitrary number. In doing so, a new gaming eco-system evolves as a business opportunity for Huawei.