Tobias Alexander Franke

Engine Design as a Holistic Adventure

Most listeners know that Huawei isn’t just a mobile phone company. But many might not realize that it runs a global network of research institutes that are working on optimizing engine development. Tobias Alexander Franke, principal game engine architect at Huawei, talks with Royal about why the company prefers working...

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O3DE Architecture Open Source

Interview with the Irish Times

I have been interviewed by the Irish Times on the topic of the Metaverse, what it is, why one would be interested in it, the big problem it is supposed to solve and how it will affect our lives. In this interview, I give a sober analysis of the Metaverse,...

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Metaverse Crytpocurrency

A New Gaming Eco-system for Huawei

Cloud-based gaming services have seen varying success in practice. Where-as multiplayer games feature a wide variety of aspects which are hosted remotely, most games today run exclusively on one device and require the customer to adapt to new hardware requirements in regular cycles, usually tied to the current console generation....

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Conference Publication

Scalable Global Illumination for O3DE

Implementing global illumination for games at scale (on mobile devices and up to high end PCs) is a hard problem. O3DE currently uses DDGI as a solution to provide both baked and real-time global illumination. However several key issues need to be addressed before this system is ready for production....

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Conference Publication

Five years at Unity

My name is Ozymandias In one of the more bizarre hiring encounters I’ve experienced, I sit together with my family at lunch when I receive a Twitter message followed by an email that can be paraphrased as Saw your online profile, would you be interested in joining Unity? A couple...

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Notes Unity